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Jul 15, 2020


Before you embark on creating a website using WordPress, you should ask yourself, “Why WordPress?… And why not any other building platform like Wix?”. I want to clear this doubt today, and I believe after reading this information, you will have the course to make the right choice for yourself.

There are so many websites building platforms today; we have Wix, WordPress, and many others in the market. You can also choose to write your website code from scratch. However, when it comes to a platform with a more user-friendly interface, WordPress is the best. Also, with WordPress, you get dedicated customer support and free plugins to kick-off your website.

Let us look at the recent statistics made by on how people build their website in 2020.



The graph shows that over 48% of Site owners use WordPress to create their website. You might be wondering why the high percentage. Well, WordPress All-in-One website builder is the secret. Also, it is free compared to other building platforms in the market. It is easy to understand and flexible enough to suit all business needs- both small businesses and more prominent organizations.



WordPress Vs. Wix

We will be comparing both site-building platforms from different perspectives. Now, here is the big “WHY” you need WordPress over Wix.

Ownership: With WordPress, you have all the right and claim to your site. You can choose to build and host your website on any other hosting platform. It gives you the ability to switch between web hosts at any time. Good enough, most web hosts offer easy click WordPress install. On the other hand, Wix does not give you that freewill like WordPress. You are only allowed to host your website with them and have no option to choose a third-party hosting service.

Flexibility Option: WordPress is an open-source CMS that allows users to create and modify their theme and plugins. Plugins can be distributed to the WordPress community for modification, quick plugin updates, and security fixes. With the community constantly building on new plugins, you have several thousands of plugins to use. Wix plugins and themes are created by their developers, which makes it harder to have a freehold to numerous plugins and themes.

SEO Friendly Features: SEO is a great feature to have when building your website. In other, for your websites to be ranked on search engines like Google and Bings, you need to tweak the site with some techniques that are factored in the ranking algorithm. So how do WordPress and Wix match up in SEO? Well, WordPress and Wix both have something in common when it comes to SEO because they rely on apps and plugins. WordPress uses Yoast for SEO plugin. And many website builders use Yoast because of its numerous features that can put your website on the top of search engines if used properly. Wix has a similar plugin called Site Booster. However, this has limited features when compared to Yoast.


WordPress still stands to be the best among all CMS platforms. While Wix is considered more user-friendly, WordPress gives you the freedom to fully customize your site beyond the capabilities that Wix’s platform will give you.






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