SEO in 2020: Why Is It Essential For Your Website?

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Jul 15, 2020

Is SEO Relevant Today?

Search Engine Optimization has become something every person in the digital marketing world needs to understand. If you want your website to rank high in search engines like GOOGLE, you should have a firm grasp of SEO. Not just having a general understanding but also being able to evolve with the current SEO technique.

Yes, technique, let us talk more about techniques. They have been some rumors that SEO is dead. Well, that could be true to some extent, but the fact is SEO is going nowhere. As some element of SEO is fading-off, something new evolved that brings new ways to get your website ranked. So, if you still use the old technique to get your website ranked, you might be getting some bad news about why your website is not appearing on search engines.

So, is SEO dead? No…. Is Mastering the new technique relevant? Yes. You will need to gear- up and get your website to the next level by understanding the current method of SEO.

SEO Techniques That are Still Alive

So why are there so many whispering saying SEO is dead. Well, here is the reason why- sticking to outdated tactics. Outdated tactics can bring your website to ruin by making you have a low ranking. Here are the few techniques that are making websites rank today.

Creating Quality Content: Content visibility on search engines and content quality goes together. Your content can not hit that ranking-point without optimizing it for search engines. It can be dreadful if you end up creating contents that fail in search engine. Search engines will make sure your top content gets the ranking it deserves. However, your content will need to be quality enough to attract the right audience. Potential customers will be more likely to be visiting your website if they find helpful content your produce.

Integrating Keywords: Search engines have evolved, and the old practices that come with keyword surfing are now outdated and attract great penalties. However, people think the more keyword they integrate into their content, the more they get ranked. Well, Search engines have improved to the extent of making your website more optimized with lesser keywords that are relevant to the content. Add keywords to your page title, headers, and meta description, then naturally integrate them into the body of the content.

Focusing on Long-Tail Keywords: Searching for keywords does not always come easy. If you have used any of the keyword research tools, you will find out that they are lots of competitions on a particular keyword. Instead of going for a generic keyword, you can look for a keyword phrase that is centered around what you offer to the public.

However, they are several tools available you can use to discover relevant keywords. With the likes of, Google keyword planner, you can narrow down your keyword search to relevant keywords people search online to discover your business.


Focusing on SEO is the key to being ranked in the search engine. You run the risk of losing the top spot on Google rank if you do not optimize your website or still use the old SEO technique.

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